When determining which organizations should be awarded the Community Impact Donation, Planters Bank focuses on the following areas:

  • Community Services

    Planters Bank Community Impact Donation Program focuses on funding programs that provide underserved, low-to-moderate income, children, families, individuals and groups with services that promote health, financial educational needs and well-being in our communities.

    Examples include: 

    • Healthcare clinics and other initiatives designed to provide services to those with limited access
    • Community services that assist families in crisis
    • Organizations that serve the well-being of low-to moderate income individuals, families, children and the elderly
    • Services that help stabilize low-to-moderate income families
    • Financial education and literacy services
  • Education Services

    The Planters Bank Community Impact Donation Program assists schools and community-based nonprofit organizations that enhance the educational development of local children.

    Examples include:

    • After-school programs and organizations that provide children with constructive learning and mentorship opportunities.
    • School partnerships to establish a bank savings program and financial literacy program.
  • Affordable Housing

    The Planters Bank Community Impact Donation Program focuses on supporting nonprofits with housing solutions for those in need.

    Examples include:

    • Housing services for displaced families and individuals, including transitional housing, shelters, referrals, and social services.
    • Rental payment assistance for low-to-moderate income families.
    • Educational programs that provides home buying resources.
  • Economic Development Services

    The Planters Bank Community Impact Donation Program supports nonprofits and government agencies that provides services that assist small businesses and small farms.

    Examples include:

    • Provide workforce training and job placement services for low-to-moderate income individuals
    • Organizations that offer technical assistance or supportive services for small businesses and small farms
    • Organizations that assist small businesses and small farms with finding financial support
  • Revitalize/Stabilize Community Improvement Services

    The Planters Bank Community Impact Donation Program focuses on nonprofits with plans and services to improve areas for low-to-moderate income individuals and families. These organizations must be tied to an approved federal, state, local, or tribal government plan.

    Examples include:

    • Services to assist with approved plans to revitalize or stabilize a low-to-moderate income tract area or designated distressed area
    • Services to help attract new or retain existing businesses or residents through an approved plan

Ineligible Donation Request:

  • For-profit organizations
  • Programs outside Planters Bank’s branch communities
  • Religious organizations for religious purposes
  • Advocacy or research groups
  • Educational institutions for regular instructional programs
  • Individuals
  • Political organizations

Interested in applying for a Planters Bank Community Impact Donation?


How to Apply

Simply complete the following steps to submit your Planters Bank Community Impact Donation application.

Step 1 – Complete the Planters Bank Community Impact Donation Application.

Applications are available at your local branch office or online. Please prepare the items listed below and submit them through our online application portal here:

Apply Now   

Prepare a proposal letter no longer than three typed pages including the following information:

  • Organization Description: Summary of mission and objectives, contact name, phone number, and e-mail address.
  • Project Description: Donation amount requested, project history, number and demographics of persons served, expected results, marketing and promotional plans, dates and ticket prices or fees of performances or events, if applicable.
  • Volunteerism: Please describe any opportunities for Planters Bank’s volunteer involvement that might be associated with the donation or project.
  • Tax Exempt Status Letter: Copy of your organization’s IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status letter.
  • W-9: Signed and dated Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification.

Step 2 – Collect and attach additional information:

The following documents would be helpful, but are not absolutely required:

  • Project/program budget detailing expenses, anticipated income sources, and any previous funding by Planters Bank.
  • Current list of business and foundation donors to your organization with their contribution levels.
  • Current list of donors to the proposed project with their contribution levels.
  • Current annual operating budget with income and expenses.
  • List of your organization’s Board of Directors, including names, titles, and affiliations.
  • Impact Report (i.e., communities supported, number of low-to-moderate income (LMI) individuals or families benefitted, types of services provided, etc.

Schools or units of government: Submit your request on official letterhead and attach only the first two documents requested.

Step 3 – Submit

Make a copy for your records. Submit all materials through the Planters Bank Community Impact Donation Online Application Portal. The Planters Bank Community Impact Donation Committee will review your request, make funding recommendations, and contact you for information and status updates.

For inquiries about the Planters Bank Community Impact Donation application process, please call 662-253-5774 or email