Online Banking for Business

Run your business more efficiently with online banking services from Planters Bank. View real-time balance information, transfer funds, view check images and more. Our business online banking service is available in two formats.

  • Basic Online Banking

    This service allows a business to utilize the service including all the features listed in the "online banking access features" section below for FREE. Enroll now to begin using this FREE service from Planters Bank.

    • Real-time balance information
    • Transaction history for up to one year
    • $0 monthly fee
    • Check images (front and back)
    • Bill payment system (free with one payment per month, otherwise $5 per month)
    • Can setup e-mail balance alerts, as well as customized alerts
    • Make loan payments
    • Buy savings bonds online

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  • Advanced/Cash Management Services

    If you chose to enroll in our “Advanced” online banking service for your business, you will have additional access to the features.

    • $20.00 fee per month for access to Cash Management System
    • Payroll items, ACH payments, ACH receipts, and collection items are $0.10 per item.
    • Electronic (EFTPS) tax payments are $1.00 per item
    • Wire Transfer Requests:
      • Outgoing  Domestic Wire Transfer Fee                                   $25
      • Outgoing  Domestic Wire Transfer Fee via Internet Banking  $15 
    • Bill Payment is free as long as one payment is processed each month, otherwise a $5.00 per month charge will apply.

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  • Online Bill Payment

    Make at least one payment a month through our online bill payment system and get it for FREE. Just one payment per month and there is no charge for utilizing this service. Otherwise, bill payment is $5 per month.

    To enroll, log in to your existing Planters Bank Internet Banking account and click the Bill Payment link to complete the online enrollment form.

    • Set up reminders to help track when bills are due. You will receive alerts on bills that you set up also.
    • Set up a recurring payment and pay bills automatically on a schedule that you determine
    • Research past bill payments
    • Make your bill payment from any of your Planters Bank checking accounts.
  • Quicken/Quickbooks

    Use your Quicken or Quickbooks application to retrieve your bank account information. You can retrieve account information, such as balance information and transaction history without having to log into the Planters Bank website.

    • Real-time balance information
    • Up to one year of transaction history available
    • $0 monthly fee
    • No need to login to Planters Bank website. All downloads are initiated from Quicken and/or Quickbooks.
  • E-Statements

    You don’t have to wait on the mail to deliver your monthly statements. Simply sign up for our E-Statement service. To sign up, log in to your Internet Banking account and click the E-Statements link located under the Account section. Follow the instructions provided.

    • Save paper by downloading each statement
    • One year of statements available online
    • Reduce your chances of identity theft