Apple Watch

  1. What are the main banking features compatible with Apple Watch®?
  • Users are able to view balance information for the first 10 accounts that display on the Account Summary page on their Apple Watch®.
  • Users swipe left/right on the watch face to scroll through their account balances.
  • Users can tap the watch face on a balance to view the 10 most recent transactions for that account.
  • Users can swipe up/down on the watch face or use the side wheel to scroll through transactions.
  • To refresh account balance information, force touch the watch face and select the refresh option.
  1. How do I enable my watch to view balances and transactions?
  • Your Apple Watch® will need to be paired to the iPhone that you use to access your iOS mobile banking app.
  • Log into your iOS mobile banking app, locate the Apple Watch® in your menu, and enable the feature.
  • Once enabled, you can open the app on your Apple Watch® to begin viewing balances and transactions.
  1. Is mobile banking available from a separate app that I need to download from the app store?
  • No, the mobile banking watch app is part of the iOS mobile banking app that you download on your phone.
  1. How do I install the mobile banking app for the Apple Watch®?
  • It depends on the setting you have in your My Watch app on your iPhone. In the My Watch app, under General, there is a setting for Automatic App Install. If that setting is enabled, the mobile banking watch app should automatically install on your Apple Watch®.
  • If you do not have Automatic App Install enabled, you can manually install the app on your Apple Watch®.  When you open the My Watch app on your iPhone, scroll down the page to view all of the apps that you have installed on your Apple Watch®. At the bottom of that list will be a section for Available Apps to install on your Apple Watch®.